Internet security : initiation

The purpose of this site is to give you some councils in order to improve security of your computer when you use Internet. This section is addressed to the newbies primarily. The section more security present thoroughly principles of computer security.

The antivirus

The antivirus is an essential element for the security of a computer. All the problem is to choose which to install.

You can have accesses to the comparative reliable ones on the sites of specialized and independent organizations, such as AV Test (, Virus Bulletin ( ou AV Comparatives (

My choice was finally made on Antiviruskit Professional.

MacAfee VirusScan and Kaspersky antivirus also constitute good solutions. On the other hand, the free antiviruses do not support the comparison.

Let us recall that an antivirus online cannot replace an antivirus installed on your computer, and that the base of viral signatures must be updated daily (this operation is generally automatic). Moreover, it is advised to scan the hard disk with the antivirus one or twice per month.

The firewall

The firewall constitutes the most important element as regards security on Internet. Its function is to avoid the hacking of the computer.

The firewall should not be reserved to ADSL connections, more especially as there is good free firewalls. I recommend Kerio de Sunbelt.

If the operating system is Windows XP and that you installed Kerio, Windows firewall- which offers a lower protection - becomes useless : decontaminate it (icon Connexions network, right click on your connection, Properties choice, Advanced mitre).

The browser

Like the three-quarters of the Net surfers, you probably use Internet Explorer : quite simply because it is generally the only browser present as of the purchase on the computer. Will know that there are other free browsers: Netscape Navigator, Opera, Firefox for example.

Use Internet Explorer is not recommended : on the one hand because it comprises faults of security, on the other hand because of its strong use, it is hackers'privileged target.

My preferred browsers are Firefox and Opera. Information relating to the configuration of these two browsers is available on the page parameter setting of the browser.

The mail solution

The use of Outlook Express or any other mail client is disadvised. The reason is that with these softwares, the mails are stored on the hard disk of the computer. However the electronic mail became the principal means of propagation of the viruses. It is thus desirable that your messages are not recorded on your computer. Moreover, Outlook Express comprises faults of security.

The solution consists in using a webmail : the messages are stored at your person receiving benefits. Here some Internet sites proposing a free mailbox :,,

My preferred is Yahoo. Its interface is simple, and your messages passed to the antivirus.

I advise to open two of them : one for the confidential exchanges (with your close relations, your bank, the administration) and one for remainder (commercial sites, discussion forums, newsletters, etc).

Improve security of your computer

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